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qiuxd37 2006-07-24 14:07

  一、 公共部分

  1. About 40 years ago, when I was a ship's boy on a merchant ship, I travelled quite a lot. I saw many interesting things and would have seen even more if our captain knew how to use lighthouses. They show the way like guiding stars in the night, and greatly reduce sailing time.

  大约40年前,当我还在商船上做伙计的时候,到过很多地方。我见过许多有趣的东西。当然,如果我的船长知道怎么使用灯塔的话,我 会见得更多。在夜晚,它们像指路明灯一样指引方向,大大缩短航行时间。

  2. Sometimes a seemingly insurmountable obstacle blocks the way to our goal. Some people retreat, but others stubbornly keep looking for a key to open the cherished doors. Take Border Guards, for example: it seems a dead end, no go, no way to proceed at all. But put in a bit of effort and you'll find a Keyholder with a bunch of keys to unlock the gates to the unknown.

  有时候,在我们通往终点的路上有一些似乎不可逾越的障碍阻挡我们。一些人退却了,但是另一些人顽强地继续寻找能够打开希望之门的 钥匙。例如,边境守卫,看起来好像是死胡同,更本不可能通过。但是只要更努力一点,就会发现一个有一串钥匙的钥匙扣,可以打开通 往未知的大门。

  3. There was a custom in bygone times, to bury fallen warriors together with their treasures, weapons and magical amulets. Their burial grounds were sacred. But it's all different now, alas. Nothing is sacred any more... There are rumours about treasure hunters who are not even afraid of the restless spirits guarding those ancient crypts.

  在过去有一个习俗,在埋葬战死的武士的时候,会一起把他的财宝、武器和魔法护符和他埋在一起。他们的墓地是神圣的。哎,但现在一 切都不一样了,再没有什么是神圣的了……最近已经有关于盗墓者的谣言了,他们甚至不害怕那些守护着古老墓穴的不安的灵魂。

  4. Dragons are the oldest creatures in this world, and surely they've hoarded piles of gold during the millennia they've been around! I wonder where they keep their treasure? The brave man who finds his way there certainly won't have to worry about much in his old age... If only I knew where they keep their riches!

  龙是这个世界最古老的生物,在它们几千年的寿命里无疑会囤积大堆的黄金!我想知道它们把财宝藏在了哪里?找到那里的勇士肯定不用 再担心他的余生了……只要让我知道它们把财宝藏在哪儿了!

  5. So many ridiculous laws in this world! For example, you can't buy all War Machines at once in our town. And it's the same everywhere: each town specialises in one particular area. But they say you may occasionally find illegal factories where you can buy a First Aid Tent, a Ballista and an Arrow Train, all in one go! Imagine the kind of money those people make, eh?

  这个世界有那么多可笑的规定!例如,你不能在我们城镇一次买下所有的战争机器。这条哪都一样,每个城镇专攻于一个特定的领域。但 是有人说偶尔会发现一些非法的工厂,那里你可以买下一个急救帐篷,一个弩炮和一个弹药车,一站购齐!想象一下他们赚的钱,恩?

  6. Recently I had a traveller staying in my tavern who had spent a few years wandering in a great forest. He told me he would never have found a way out of the thicket if he didn't stumble upon a cartographer's hut. He had to give the crotchety old miser his last money for a map of the area, but he wasn't complaining - otherwise he'd still be trying to find his way home.

  最近在我酒馆住着位客人,他在大森林里迷路了许多年。他告诉我要不是他偶然发现了一个制图师小屋,他永远也找不到离开灌木丛的路 。他当时不得不给这个任性顽固的老守财奴最后一笔钱来买下那块区域的地图。但他并没有抱怨,否则到现在他也许仍在寻找回家的路。

  7. Did you hear the latest about Knight Richard? He was a great fighter, but he ended up surrounded by enemies and had to flee and take refuge in the Sanctuary. The enemy didn't dare to attack him inside those sacred walls, and they finally got tired of the siege and left him alone. Richard was so grateful for his salvation, he became a monk!

  你听说理查德骑士最近的消息了么?他曾是个伟大的战士,但最后被敌人包围了,不得不逃跑然后寻找避难所的庇护。敌人不敢对躲在神 圣围墙后的理查德怎么样,最后厌倦了包围并饶了他。理查德非常感激对他的救助,他现在是一个修道士了!

  8. I had a merchant staying with me recently. In a fit of frankness he told me the secret of his wealth: He never shrank from searching skeletons he happened to find on his way, and occasionally among those time-bleached bones he'd find the powerful artifacts that were the source of his well-being.

  最近我这住着个商人。一时坦率间他告诉了我他致富的秘密:一直以来他坚持不懈地搜索路上碰到的骷髅骨架。偶然的时候,在那些被时 间漂白的骨头堆里能找到值钱的宝物。那些宝物成了他财富了来源。

  9. If you came just a tiny bit earlier you'd have caught the lame Pew, a well-known pirate. There's a little Imp always running with him, and the funny thing is, it's always a new one. And do you know why? Pew knows how to use whirlpools which make the journey much shorter. The only problem is, those sweeping waves always wash off the weakest member of the crew. Do you get my drift?

  只要你再来早那么一点就能抓到瘸腿保,那个有名的海盗。他总有一个小鬼跟着,有趣的是,总是一个新的。你知道为什么吗?瘸腿保懂 得如何利用漩涡大大缩短旅途时间。唯一的问题是,那些巨大的波浪要冲走一些队伍中最弱的成员。你听懂我意思了么?

  10. You are late today. Probably been riding cross country again, all the way up and down the hills, the woods and the mountains... How many times did I tell you we're a civilised country here, with roads everywhere. It's much quicker and easier riding on the roads, you know. You look like a grown up and I have to tell you such simple things over and over again.

  你今天迟到了。大概又去穿越乡下了,山上所有的路都是上上下下的,又是森林又是山脉的……我告诉你多少次了,我们这是个文明开化 的国家,哪里都有道路。你知道的,在道路上骑行快得多容易得多。你看上去像个大人但是我还是要一次又一次地把那么简单的道理教给 你。

  11. I hear you don't go the Temple very often? Well, not a very wise choice, Sir. Let me offer you a bit of advice: try dropping in the Temple on the last day of the week. You want to know what will happen? Well, just go and see for yourself. I'm sure you'll get double what you expect.

  我听说你不常去神庙?好吧,先生,这不是个明智的行为。让我给你一些建议:试着在一周的最后一天拜访神庙。你想知道会发生什么? 好吧,亲自去看看。我肯定你会得到双倍你所希望的。

  12. Tell me, are you going to visit the Trading Post any time soon? If you are, please let me know at once. I have some stuff I'd like to sell, and I'd rather do this out of town - better rates there, you see.


  13. A strange man, resident of our town, decided to find out how Idols scattered around the world affect people's luck and morale. The poor man got very confused trying to figure out when one thing starts and the other ends. I guess arithmetic wasn't his strong point: it's not very difficult at all to calculate when Idol is generous with gifts of luck, and when he offers moral support. But I'm sure you know this anyway, don't you?

  一个陌生人,住在我们镇上的,决定查明分散在世界各地的偶像是如何影响人们的幸运和士气的。这个可怜的人在计算一件事情何时开始 何时结束的时候感到极度困惑。我猜算术不是他的长处,其实并不难计算出偶像何时大方地给与幸运、何时提供士气。但是我肯定你是知 道的,对么?

  14. Oh dear, such a sad face! I'm sure you've run out of funds again and cannot hire the best troops in existence. But I'll help you out. During your next journey, pay attention to the Forts on the hills. Not only they improve your troops, they greatly reduce the cost of improving them in town. Such a simple but useful secret, isn't it?

  哦,亲爱的,怎么愁眉苦脸的?我肯定你又没钱雇不起现在最好的部队了。但是我会帮你的。在你下次旅途中,留意一下山上的堡垒。它 不但能升级你的部队,还可以大大减少升级的费用。一个简单但是有用的秘密,不是么?

  15. What was that? Sorry, I'm so distracted today... I was fortunate enough to go up the Red Tree Observatory. The view from up there is so splendid! And you can see much, much farther...

  那是什么?对不起,我今天快发狂了……我够幸运可以登上红树天观测台。从那儿上面的看到的景色是如此的壮丽辉煌!你还可以看得很 远,很远很远。

  16. Did you hear? Head of our town council won the Arena competition again! Such a brave man, now he'll have even higher combat skills - defense or attack, whatever he chooses. And the best thing is, now the Arena is ours and in case of war its magical force will support the hero defending our town

  你听到了么?我们镇议会的领袖又一次赢得了竞技场的竞赛!真是个勇敢的人,现在他拥有更高级的战斗技能了,防御还是攻击,不管他 选什么。而且最好的是,现在竞技场是我们的,万一战争爆发,它的魔力将支援我们的英雄保卫我们的城镇。

  17. I can see you're a bit cold, aren't you? My fault, or rather, the fault of those layabout woodcutters. Came back from the forest without any firewood, and just because they found some fancy Sylanna's Ancients there. Allegedly the tree spoke to them and offered to share its experience. And imagine, instead of grabbing such an opportunity those idiots dropped their axes and run away! So here we are now, no firewood and no experience either...

  我能看出来你有点冷,是么?我的错,或者说,那些懒惰的砍柴火的错。从那个森林回来却没带回来任何柴火,只是因为他们在那发现了 一些奇特的大地之龙茜兰纳的长老。据他们说,那棵树和他们讲话,并且分享它的经验。可以想象,那些白痴没有抓住那么好的机会,而 是扔下他们的斧子跑了!所以搞得我们现在这里,又没有柴火又没有经验……

  18. Oh dear, that war... Kicked everybody out of their warmed-up places, everyone is running around... There are even refugee camps now for those unfortunates who don't have anything to lose anymore. By the way, why don't you try to hire them? You can always use some fresh forces in an expedition, can't you?

  哦,亲爱的,那场战争……把每个人赶出了温暖的家,每个人都疲于奔命……现在有个难民营收容这些不幸得没有什么再能失去的人了。 对了,顺便说起来,为什么你不雇用他们?你可以在远征中一直使用一些有生力量,不是么?

  19. Look what a nice thing I got from a witch I've met during the wild days of my youth. A lovely little amulet, don't you think? Pity I'm not a hero, maybe her present would haven been much more use to me then...

  看啊,多好的东西,这是在我年轻的疯狂的岁月里碰到的一个女巫给我的。一个可爱的小护身符,你不这样觉得么?可惜我不是个英雄, 否则也许她的礼物对我而言会有用得多……

  20. I don't even know what to tell you this time... I agree, tavern is a place where people come and tell all sorts of rumours, but can you trust them? Why don't you go to the Brigands' Den instead - if you can find it, of course! That's where you'll find the most full and accurate information about everything happening in this world!

  我不知道这次要告诉你什么……我相信,酒馆是个流言是非之地,但是多少你能相信?为什么你不去土匪巢穴一次,当然如果你能找到的 话!在那儿你能得到关于这个世界所发生的所有事情的最完整和最准确的消息。

  21. Right, what do you want now, eh? Oops, sorry, your grace, I took you for somebody else. You see, all those yokels who come here these days... They pay the town treasury and then come over to the tavern. What do you mean what yokels? Those millers, of course! They are under the town's protection so they come to pay protection money every day. And make so much noise...

  好的,你现在想要什么,恩?哦,对不起,大人,我把你当成其他什么人了。你知道,那些最近来的乡下人……他们给镇上缴税然后来酒 馆。你问什么乡下人?当然是那些磨坊主!他们受到城镇的保护,所以每天来交保护费。还制造那么多噪音……

  22. Gosh, it's dull today... Would you care for a game of dice? Of course you wouldn't, and quite right too - I can see the far-sighted politician in you. You don't want to play with strangers... I did start playing with one scoundrel recently, and what do you know? He had nothing but sixes! Then I found out the crook came over here straight after he visited the Fairy Ring. No wonder he was so lucky!

  遭了,今天太背了……你喜欢玩骰子么?当然,你不玩的,相当正确,我能看出你是个有远见的政治家。你不会和陌生人玩的……我最近 开始和一个无赖玩,你知道发生什么了吗?他一直扔出六!我发现这个骗子来这之前去拜访了仙境环。怪不得他那么运气!

  23. Not long before you there was a Mage here. Complained it was dull here, nothing to do. Quite unlike his hut, he said. So I asked him about it and he told me he installed magical eyes around the hut and now can see everything from the inside. Says it's both safe and very interesting. What those Wizards will think of next, I wonder?

  在你来之前这儿有个法师。抱怨这里太无聊了,什么也不能做。他说,不像他的小屋。所以我问他是什么意思,他告诉我他在小屋周围装 了些魔眼,现在可以从小屋看到所有事情。还说又安全又有趣。我不知道那些术士下次还会想出什么点子来。

  24. I hear roads are much safer these days. They build barracks and put soldiers in, to guard the roads. It's great, really - not a fly will go by unnoticed! Nice to know that, at least something in the world is changing for the better.

  我听说这些天路上安全多了。他们建造兵营,驻扎士兵,来保卫道路畅通。这真的太好了,连只苍蝇也飞不进来!很高兴听到这个消息, 至少世界上的一些事情在变好。

  25. There's sad news from Deepridge - one of their heroes died. Such a tragic fate! He spent some time in prison, but when the lord pardoned him he served honorably for years before the brigands got him. It's true, your Grace, such is the quality of the folk around here that even in prison you can hire trustworthy heroes!

  有个从深谷来的坏消息,他们的一个英雄死了。如此悲剧般的命运!他在监狱里待了一些时间,但是当领主宽恕他后,他体面地服务了多 年直到土匪抓住了他。这是真的,大人,这里的民风纯朴,甚至在监狱里你依然可以找到值得信赖的英雄!

  26. I'm thinking about renaming my tavern, your grace. I'm going to call it the Bidirectional Monolith. Just think: the entrance here also serves as the exit. Exactly like with the monoliths scattered around the world. And if the entrance was here and the exit somewhere else, I'd have called it the One-way Monolith. Logical, don't you think?

  我在考虑给我的酒馆改个名字,大人。我准备叫它双向石门。仔细想一下,这里的入口又是作为出口。不正好像是世界各地的石门么?如 果入口在这儿出口在那儿,我会叫它单向石门。合乎逻辑,你觉得呢?

  27. I've heard about towns where they built practically no magical towers at all, to save money. But they have lots and lots of magical altars scattered around them. Spend a week travelling, and you can learn all the spells you need without any magical tower. We also have some of those altars, but not many. Ah, they have more of everything across the sea, not just the altars.

  我听说有些地方的城镇更本不建魔法塔,为了省钱。但是他们周围有很多很多的魔法祭坛。经过一个礼拜的旅行,不用魔法塔你也可以学 会所有你需要的魔法。我们也有一些那样的祭坛,但是不多。啊,海那边还有更多的东西,不单是祭坛。

  28. Today, your grace, I wouldn't recommend taking any important steps. It's a bad day: the stars are all in unfavourable positions, the planets misaligned... I always pay attention to things like that, and listen to astrological forecasts every week. Maybe you should, too. That's the way this world works, and nothing can be done about it.

  大人,今天我建议你不要做重要的事情。这可不是黄道吉日,恒星都在不利的位置,行星线向不正……我总是注意这些东西,每周听从占 星师的建议。也许你也该这样。那是这个世界运行的方式,没有什么能够改变它。

  29. If I was a hero I'd always go around with a huge army. First, it'd be a nice feeling, and secondly, much more practical: all those brigands, bandits and other scum wouldn't even come close after seeing my troops. So I'd travel without delays and wouldn't lose any soldiers to unexpected battles.

  如果我是英雄的话我会一直带着大量的军队。首先,这感觉很好。其次,这更加有实用价值,所有土匪、强盗和其他人渣看到我的部队后 就不会跟上来。所以我不会耽搁旅程,在意外的战斗中也不会损失任何战士。

  30. My brother sent me a letter. Says everything is going well with him, no trouble at all. It's because the prices at their market are very cheap. That's what you get in a country with lots of towns and a market in each. They... eh... there's a clever word for that... oh, yeah, they compete with each other! So the more markets they have, the lower the prices go. Maybe we should also capture a couple more towns, what do you think, your grace?

  我哥哥寄了封信给我。信上说他一切顺利,没有什么麻烦。因为他那儿的市场价格便宜。你拥有的城镇里都有一个市场。他们……呃…… 这里有个词说那个的……哦,对的,他们互相竞争!所以市场越多,价格越便宜。也许我们应该占领更多的城镇,你认为呢,大人?

  31. One's as good as none... And I don't mean that any hero worthy of their salt needs an army, that goes without saying. What I mean is you can beat the enemy much quicker if you have another one, two or even more heroes under your command. They could see to many various tasks - defend towns and mines, bring fresh reinforcements... After all, that's what taverns are for - hiring new heroes!

  一个等于没有……不用说,我的意思不是任何英雄都需要一支部队。我的意思是如果你有另一个、两个或者更多的英雄受你控制,你就能 够更快地打倒敌人。他们可以有不同的任务,保卫城镇和矿藏,带领新的援军……毕竟,那也是酒馆的作用,雇佣新英雄。

  32. I don't know if it's true but I heard a story about common peasants getting the better of a Dragon who got into the habit of ravaging their land. Of course quite a lot of them were killed, but if they'd attack all at once the casualties would have been even heavier. However, they divided into groups and took turns attacking the enemy, so it simply didn't have the time to strike them all back. Since then even Dragons give that little hamlet a wide berth.

  我不知道真的假的,不过我听说一群普通的农名成功击败了一条龙,那条龙蹂躏了他们的土地。当然,他们损失也很大,死了很多人,但 是如果他们一起攻击的话恐怕伤亡要更大。他们分成几组,轮流攻击敌人,导致那条龙不能把他们一网打尽。从此以后龙就对那个村庄敬 而远之了。

  33. I'm sorry, Sir, but today my prices are higher than normally. Wood and ore shortages, you see. What's the connection? Why, they're the most important resources, and if there aren't enough of them the town can't develop normally! This is quite worrying, you know, if the town lags behind in its development it becomes easy prey for the enemy.

  十分抱歉,先生,但是今天我不得不要涨价了。你知道,木材和矿石严重短缺。有什么联系?因为它们是最重要的资源,如果供应不足的 话城镇就不能正常发展!这相当令人烦恼,你知道,如果城镇老是发展落后的话将会给敌人很多的机会。

  34. One of the oldest arguments on Ashan is: what's more powerful: sword or magic? Who'll get the better of whom, a warrior inspiring his soldiers with the will to victory or a Mage attacking the enemy ranks with powerful spells? Well, if you want to know my opinion, it depends on the commander. Sometimes a weak Mage can beat a strong warrior, and at other times it's vice versa. The main thing is to develop a good strategy, believe you me!

  在阿沙恩一直流传着一个古老的争论:究竟哪个更加强大,是剑还是魔法?谁能说哪个更好,是武士用意志鼓舞他的士兵赢得胜利,还是 法师施展强力法术攻击敌人?好吧,如果你想知道我的看法,这得看指挥官而定。有时候一个孱弱的法师能击败强壮的战士,有的时候就 会反过来。这主要靠一个好的策略,你最好相信我!

  35. The hero's power depends on their experience, and experience is gained in combat. I don't know how good that strategy is, but I heard about a Warlock who used to plunge into the most reckless battles caring nothing about his troops. And won, with just a handful of soldiers surviving but getting more and more experienced and powerful after each combat.

  英雄的力量来自他们的经验,而经验来自战斗。我不知道这是不是个好策略,但是我听说一个妖术士不计后果地投身于战斗,毫不考虑自 己的部队损失。赢得了战斗,却只有很少幸存的士兵。但是他获得了越来越多的经验,每场战斗后都更加强大。

  36. The best advice I can offer you, Sir, is this: listen to other people's advice. Not just mine, too: try to get information wherever you can. These days victory is won not by brute force but by knowledge.


  37. I've heard about a knight who preferred just two kinds of troops among all available to him: Archangels and Paladins. He developed a particular tactic: Paladins attacked while Archangels healed and resurrected the fallen. And maybe he wasn't very wrong there, you can find several kinds of troops in any town which fight most efficiently when they fight together.

  我听说了一个骑士的故事,他在所以部队里只使用两种:大天使和圣骑士。他制订了一个特别的战术:圣骑士负责进攻,大天使负责治疗 和复活阵亡的士兵。也许他那样做不错,你也可以发现每个城镇都有几种部队配合起来会更有效率。

  38. They say even walls heal at home. I don't know about walls as such, but an army fights much more efficiently when they have native land under their feet. Elves and Knights feel good on grass, Wizards are quite comfortable on sand, Demons are strong if there are lava rivers boiling around and Warlocks feel right at home in dungeons. Only the Necromancer troops don't care where they fight, but what do you expect -- they're dead!

  他们说家里的墙都能治疗。我不太懂围墙,但是我知道当部队在本土作战的话会更有效率。精灵和骑士在草地上感觉很好,术士比较喜欢 沙地,恶魔在有沸腾岩浆的地方很强大,妖术士则喜欢地下。只有亡灵部队不关心在哪战斗,但是你能指望什么呢?它们都已经是死人了 !

  39. There was Rabbits' Week a while ago, so they bred in such numbers they devoured the whole crop! But worse can happen -- much worse if we have a week of some vicious monsters. Things get really ugly until heroes clear the area of them. You can't even get outside town walls!

  前段时间是兔子之周,所以兔子大量繁殖,毁坏了整个农田!但是更坏的还没发生,还好不是什么妖怪之周。在英雄清除它们之前简直太 危险了。你甚至出不了城!

  40. Gossip, advice... I'm sorry, your grace, but don't you think it's time for you to go and fight, and test all your knowledge and skills in combat? Combat is the best teacher, and the battlefield the only place where you can see a hero's real worth. Much better than chatting here with me. Good luck!

  闲话、建议……对不起,大人,但是你不认为是时候出去战斗了么?在战斗中检验自己的知识和技巧。战斗是最好的老师,战场是体现英 雄真正价值的唯一的地方。这比在这和我聊天好得多,祝你好运!

  二、 地牢部分

  1. You ever see a frontal attack by Grim Raiders, when a few units attack the enemy side by side? A frightening sight. Much more so because it's not just the riders fighting but their Lizards too. They bite the enemy just when an allied unit next to them is hitting them with their swords. Not many can withstand that attack - if, of course, the Grim Raiders are commanded by hero with brains.

  你刚才看见了冷血骑兵在前面的攻击,一小支部队的并排攻击。真是个可怕的景象。更是因为这不单是骑兵的战斗,他们的蜥蜴也参与攻 击。当身边的战友攻击敌人的时候,它们也会撕咬敌人。没有什么可以挡得住这种攻击,当然,这也是要靠聪明的指挥官排兵布阵的。

  2. Hydras are an excellent choice when putting together an army. The main thing in combat is to avoid dire situations and try not to let a single Hydra die. Never mind if they're wounded, Hydras are capable of regeneration and in no time at all they'll be as good as new, straining on the leash.

  将九头蛇放在一起作为一支部队是明智之举。在战斗中主要是为了防止劣势,不让单个九头蛇阵亡。不用担心它们会受伤,九头蛇能够再 生,不用多久它们就会像新的一样了。

  3. Assassins are born killers. The enemy will hardly ever get near them, their arrows are poisoned and keeps hurting long after the arrow hits. During combat they poison as many targets as possible -- some of them will die on their own, others will be helped by their allied units.

  刺客是天生的杀手。敌人几乎不能接近他们,他们的箭上有毒,敌人中箭后也会持续受到伤害。在战斗的时候他们尽可能多地毒杀目标, 有些自己会死掉,其他的会受到友军的帮助。

  4. Sit down and listen. Once upon a time a weak Warlock who couldn't even hope to rely on the power of his spells sacrificed several creatures from his own army, beseeching the Daughters of Malassa to give him magical power. They accepted the sacrifice but they had their own ideas about the reciprocal gift, and gave the Warlock some fighters -- Minotaurs and Blood Witches. Since then it became a custom to sacrifice unneeded troops into the Ritual Pit in order to replenish one's army. And sometimes -- not always -- fortune smiles upon the hopeful.

  请坐下来仔细听。很久以前,一个差劲的妖术士,他甚至都不能指望自己的魔法力量,把自己部队的一些生物当了祭品,恳求玛拉萨的女 儿们赐予他一些魔法力量。她们接受了祭品,但是却有她们自己的想法,赐予了妖术士一些战士,牛头怪和血腥魔女。从此,为了补充队 伍在典礼深渊献祭一些不需要的部队成了传统。有时候,不是一直的,好运会向希望微笑的。

  5. Bad business! A Magical Elements Altar was built in one of the towns, and tons of heroes went there. Now they spend their time in my competitor's tavern hoping somebody will hire them. You ask why? It's because a young and inexperienced Warlock can save himself using the secret Elemental Blast. It's not an easy art, and building this structure halves the risk!

  赔钱买卖!有个城镇造了一个元素祭坛,成群的英雄跑去那里了。现在他们聚在我对手的酒馆里等人来雇佣了。你问为什么?因为一个年 轻没经验的妖术士能让自己使用奥秘的元素风暴。这不是了简单的技术,而那建筑让这个风险减少了一半。

  6. A while ago some fool offered a Matriarch's Whip for sale on the black market. The naive idiot was hoping to get a lot of money for it, as if nobody knew the whip can only cast one of the four damning spells when it's used by a Matriarch.

  前面有些傻子在黑市上卖女族长的鞭子。那些天真的白痴还希望卖个好价钱,就好像没人知道只有被女族长使用,那鞭子才能施放四种诅 咒魔法之一。

  7. Why do you think Black Dragons, who are among the most powerful creatures in our world, allow Warlocks to control them? Because Warlocks were the first who managed to get the better of Black Dragons using magic. Black Dragons are immune to any magical impact but an experienced and wise Warlock can cancel that advantage. That's how fear found its way into Black Dragons' hearts for the first time ever. And it's not a long way from fear to submission.

  你知道为什么黑龙,我们世界最强大的生物,会让妖术士控制它们?因为妖术士使第一个学会用魔法打败黑龙的职业。黑龙可以免疫任何 魔法效果,但是一个有经验的聪明的妖术士能够消除那种优势。可想而知,第一次尝到苦头后黑龙的内心是多么的害怕。不久之后它们就 屈服了。

  三、 圣堂部分

  1. Many years ago a Griffin king managed to beat the Inferno army because he trained his Griffins to soar in the sky and then drop down on the enemy units like stones. It was a totally unexpected tactic and in just a few minutes the whole enemy army was decimated. Since then they call him "the Victor". And he deserved it too!

  许多年前一个格里芬王计划去打败一支炼狱部队,他训练自己的狮鹫先盘旋空中,再向敌人俯冲攻击。这是个完全出乎意外的战术,仅仅 几分钟后整个敌军就土崩瓦解。因此人们称他为胜利之王,那是他应得的。

  2. A while ago there was an argument between a Marksman and an Archer in our tavern, who is more useful in combat. The Archer boasted his ability to shoot at several targets at once, and the Marksman was stressing the accuracy of his shots at close range. They almost fought with each other, actually. Only the arrival of town guards prevented the bloodshed. Maybe you'll test their abilities in real combat one day, and see for yourself who was right?

  不久前我们酒馆有个关于弓箭手和弩箭手的争论,到底谁在战场上更有作用。弓箭手夸耀自己可以同时攻击多个目标的能力,而弩箭手前 调自己在近程射击的准确。他们到最后差点大起来。直到守卫过来才避免了流血事件。也许你应该哪天在实战中检验他们的能力,可以知 道对你而言谁是对的。

  3. Once upon a time a wise man boasted, "Give me a pivot and I'll turn the world." A Cavalier who heard about that told me another thing: "Give me a running start for my horse and I'll crush any enemy." My point? Just remember, the farther Cavaliers or Paladins are from their target, the harder they will hit it.

  从前有个智者自夸:“给我个支点,我能翘起地球。”一个骑士听了以后告诉我:“给我的马一个助跑,我能碾碎任何敌人。”我的观点 ?只要记住一点,骑士或圣骑离他们的目标越远,就能造成更大的伤害。

  4. A long time ago a town which happened to be in the way of an enemy army fell only because the messenger sent for help wasn't quick enough. The town folk fell victims to their own avarice, they decided to save on stables! If they had built them, their heroes could have gotten fresh horses and travelled much longer distances during the day.

  很久以前一个镇不慎被敌人攻陷了,只是因为寻求支援的信使跑得不够快。镇上的人都觉得是自己的贪婪葬送了自己,他们为了省钱而没 造马厩!如果他们造了马厩,他们的英雄就可以骑休息过的马,一天里能走得更远。

  5. Do you know why Castles are so difficult to take by storm? Because only here you can turn 100 Archers into 100 Paladins - provided, of course, the town has Training Halls. Not bad, eh? Training Halls don't come cheap but in matters of life and death one doesn't want to pinch pennies. And not just any hero can do that either - only Knights have this ability. But we don't really need any other kind of heroes here.

  你知道为什么城堡如此难以攻克么?因为只有这里你可以把100个弓箭手训练成100个圣骑士,当然,如果镇里有训练大厅的话。不 错吧,恩?训练大厅可不便宜,但是在生死问题上我们可不想节省。而且只有骑士有这个能力,别的英雄都不可以。但是我们这里也不是 真的需要其他的英雄。

  6. What a party we had yesterday! It was in honour of a common Squire who managed to cover a Paladin standing next to him with his shield and saved him from certain death by enemy arrow. They really underestimate those guys! So many warriors owe their lives to them!

  我们昨天的聚会真是太棒了!这是为了纪念一个普通的护卫的英勇表现举行的,他在战场上用自己的盾牌保护了他身边的圣骑士挡住了敌 人的弓箭,就了他一命。他们真是低估了那些家伙!许多战士都欠他们一条命。

  7. What's the difference bewteen a Priest and an Inquisitor? Seems like a trifling thing, just two spells - Benediction and Endurance. But in fact those two are critical -- thanks to these gifts from Elrath, the Griffin Empire troops can become almost invincible

  你问牧师和圣裁有什么区别?似乎只有个不重要的区别,两个法术,祝福和耐力。但是实际上这两个是关键性的,感谢光明之龙艾尔拉思 的赐福,狮鹫帝国的部队才如此所向披靡。

  四、 炼狱部分

  1. Do you play chess? An excellent game for a true commander. By the way, I'd suggest sacrificing this pawn. Pawns really shouldn't be spared, as a rule. Especially if it's a pawn which would drag a few enemies to hell with it. Oh, and the best candidates for this role in combat are Horned Overseers - just don't forget to use their self-exploding ability. One explosion, another, checkmate.

  你会下棋么?这可是个给真正指挥官的好游戏。顺便说一下,我建议献祭这些人质。作为个准则,人质真的不应该留下。尤其是如果这个 人质会阻碍一些敌人下地狱的话。哦,战场上这个角色最好的候选人是角魔督军,可不要忘了利用它们的自爆能力。一个爆炸,另一个, 将军。

  2. Some Demon Lords love fighting with armies headed by other heroes. Going into those battles they always take a few Imps with them. An enemy hero who suddenly realises they've run out of magical energy is quite a sight, you know! And where did that energy go? Stolen by the Imps, of course, and transferred to their commander. And then the real fun starts!

  有些恶魔领主喜欢和有英雄带领的部队作战。进行那些战斗的时候他们总是会带着一些小鬼在身边。你知道,敌军英雄会突然发现自己的 魔法能量以看得见的速度消耗。能量到哪里去了呢?当然是被小鬼偷了,还传送到自己的指挥官那。然后好戏还在后头!

  3. An Archdevil is not one but two trump aces up a Demon Lord's sleeve. All they have to do to use the second ace is sacrifice some sixes - e.g. Imps. Then Archdevils will be able to summon Pit Lords in their place! Nice trade, isn't it? Lots and lots of enemy troops who presumptuously attacked Demon armies suddenly found their weak little foes replaced by Pit Lords! And they also found their graves on the battlefield...

  大恶魔可不单是恶魔领主藏着的一张王牌,而是一对。当他们使用第二张王牌的时候需要牺牲一些小卒,比如小鬼。那样的话,大恶魔可 以在那些尸体上召唤出深渊领主!不错的交易,是吧?许多敌军部队在消灭恶魔部队的时候突然发现那些弱小的对手都变成了深渊领主! 他们真是在战场上自掘坟墓……

  4. Demon Lords often surprise their enemies. Some of them, called up to be heroes seemingly just the other day, quickly turned into experienced commanders. How come? I'll tell you: that's what those Sacrificial Pits in Demon towns are for. Of course, you'd be better off sacrificing other creatures - they're not a lot of use in combat, and it's a shame to lose your own, isn't it? But if the need is really pressing, you can sacrifice your own creatures too. Not a great loss anyway - you can always hire some more!

  恶魔领主经常让对手吃惊。他们有些人当上英雄大概也没两天,很快就变身为一个经验丰富的指挥官。这是怎么回事?我告诉你,那都要 靠恶魔城镇里的那些牺牲深渊。当然,你最好要献祭一些生物,那些在战场上不太有用的。牺牲部下是可耻的,不是么?但是如果需求急 切的话,你也可以献祭自己的部队。其实损失也不大,你总可以雇用到更多的。

  5. A bit dark, you think? Well, we got used to it. Safe, though. The enemy will think twice before attacking an Inferno town with a Hellish Shadow built in it. First, there would be no luck for them in that combat, and second, troops summoned from Demonic Gates will come to help the besieged very, very quickly. Darkness? We like the darkness...

  有点暗,你觉得么?好吧,我们得习惯。因为安全。敌人在攻击一个建造了地狱阴影的炼狱城镇之前总会三思后行。首先,那样的战斗对 他们没有幸运可言。其次,从恶魔之门赶来解围的部队将来得非常快。暗么?我们喜欢黑暗……

  6. Did you hear the latest? Stupid humans scare their unruly children with Devils and Imps! It must be a long time since they clashed with Demon armies - they forgot who can really panic the enemy troops! Nightmares are the true embodiment of fear and chaos, and they sow it well on the battlefield. But don't worry, we'll remind them about it soon enough...

  听说最近的新闻了么?愚蠢的人类竟然用恶魔和小鬼吓唬不听话的孩子!他们大概太久没和恶魔军队作战了,忘记了到底谁才真的引起恐 慌!梦魇才是真的恐怖于混乱的化身,这场上它们散布恐慌做得很好。不用担心,我们很快会提醒他们这个事实。

  7. Great news! Didn't you hear? Infernal Games are starting soon, bets are accepted already. I'm going to back up Pit Lords, no question about it. Who else has such smashing swords? Every strike produces a dead body, and no getting away from it. They say even Devils are sometimes afraid to challenge them directly.

  好消息!你听说了么?炼狱角斗已经快开始了,现在开始下注了。我会去买深渊领主,这绝对不用说。还有谁有那样了不起的剑?每剑都 能毙命一个,没谁逃得了。有人说甚至是恶魔有时候也不敢直接挑战。

  五、 墓地部分

  1. Power over Death has its advantages. Only a Necromancer's army has incorporeal creatures who can avoid damage in melee combat. We're talking about Ghosts. Don't hesitate to send them in the thick of battle - they'll survive because they're already dead!

  死亡的力量有它自己的优势。只有亡灵的部队拥有可以躲避肉搏伤害的虚无单位。我说的就是幽灵。不用犹豫把它们派到激战的地方,它 们会留下来因为它们已经死了。

  2. Don't underestimate Zombies. If they get to their target, there will be no mercy. If a zombie hits an enemy they weaken them as well as wound them, and each following blow inflicts even heavier damage. The best thing is, the weakening effects accumulate so you might consider attacking with several units: one, two, three... The enemy will have no chance.

  不要低估了僵尸。如果它们有了目标就不会有任何慈悲。一旦僵尸击中了敌人,他们不但受了伤,还受到了虚弱,接下来的所有攻击都会 造成更大的伤害。更好的是,虚弱的效果是会累计的,你能考虑的是攻击几个目标,一个、两个、三个……敌人不会有任何机会。

  3. Spirits of War of the Blood Moonriors guarding Necropolis are among the most lethal creatures in this world! All they have to do is touch the enemy, and the unit is dead regardless of what it was - a Peasant or a Dragon. Impressive, don't you think? But that's not all. The Spirits' touch is so vile the attacked unit loses all positive effects of spells the short-sighted enemy hero has already cast on them.

  保卫墓地的血月之战的缚灵是这个世界最致命的生物!它们所作的只是触摸敌人,对方不管曾经是什么,农民也好龙也好,马上就会死亡 。令人印象深刻,你不这么认为么?还不止那样。缚灵的触摸是那么卑鄙,被攻击的对手会失去所有有利的魔法效果。当然,施放那个魔 法的英雄也够目光短浅的了。

  4. The dead army is invincible because of a very simple reason: as long as this world exists, there will always be wars and more dead people. All the Necromancer has to do is resurrect the fallen quickly enough. And if there's a Necromancy Amplifier installed in town this job will be much easier: the number of dead creatures summoned to the battlefield will be greater. And if you have Amplifiers in all Necromancer towns? Hmm, sounds tempting...

  死亡的军队是无敌的,只是一个简单的理由:只要这个世界存在下去,一直会爆发战争和更多的死人。亡灵法师所要做的就是尽快召集魂 灵。如果这个时候在城里安装了一个骸骨立柱的话,这就会变得很简单:召唤到战场的亡灵将会变得更多。而如果你在所有的亡灵城镇都 建造的话?恩,很诱人吧?

  5. A Dragon Tombstone is the crown of Necropolis development, the ultimate goal to strive for. Bone and Shadow Dragons are the strongest troops in the dead army, if a Necromancer invests in building just one of them, they get one more Dragon every week! So in two weeks you get plus two Dragons, in a month plus four, in a year... Hmm.. How many would that be, eh?!

  飞龙墓碑是亡灵发展的巅峰,是奋斗的终极目标。骨龙和鬼龙是不死军团的最强部队。如果亡灵法师只是建造了一个,每周就能多得到一 条!两周就是多两条,一个月就是多四条,一年的话……恩?是多少呢,呃?

  6. Some of the Necromancers are unbelievably stupid. Just take this example: a Necromancer recruited live creatures into his army, the idiot, and following the old habit ordered Liches to fire at the thick of the enemy -- ignoring the fact that his own soldiers were fighting there too! Of course everybody was killed, including his own troops. Don't ever forget that a Cloud of Death destroys everybody in its way -- everybody who isn't already dead, that is.

  有些亡灵法师简直蠢得难以置信。举个例子,有个亡灵法师在部队里招募活的生物,这个白痴。还有按照老习惯让尸巫攻击密集的敌人, 也不管自己的部队也在那里!当然所有人都死了,包括他自己的部队。不要忘记死亡之云这次会波及所有人,所有那些还没死的人。

  7. A while ago a Vampire was celebrating its jubilee in my tavern - their three hundredth resurrection on the battlefield! The main toast was to the commander, a wise Necromancer who was in no hurry to deal with weak enemy units. That Necromancer always remembers that the number of resurrected Vampires depends on the number of enemies Vampires suck the life out of. And it's much easier to suck the life out of weaker opponents!

  刚才一个吸血鬼在我酒馆庆祝他的周年,第三百次在战场复活!祝酒辞里主要是感谢他的指挥官,一个睿智的亡灵法师,他总是不慌不忙 地治疗敌军。那个亡灵法师一直记得吸血鬼复活靠的是从敌人那里吸取的生命。而从弱小的对手那里吸取生命总是比较容易的。

  六、 森林部分

  1. A problem: imagine you need to beat a powerful creature capable of destroying a whole enemy unit in a single blow. What are you going to do? Right, don't allow the enemy come anywhere close to your troops. And to achieve that, a few ranks of Master Hunters would come very handy. Taking turns to shoot magicked arrows at the enemy, they can inflict mortal wounds and seriously slow down their progress.

  问个问题,想象一下你需要击败一个强大的对手,他强大得只要吹口气就能摧毁整个敌军。你会怎么做?对,无论如何都不要让他近身。 为了做到那点,有几支猎人头领部队就会顺手得多。轮流向对手射出魔力之箭,他不仅会受到致命的伤害,行动也会大大减慢。

  2. I saw Blade Dancers training the other day. Such a wonderful sight! By the way, did you ever think why they are called so? Well, just try sending them in the thick of the enemy ranks so they're surrounded on all sides. And then, attack! Now that will be a dance, that will be a spectacle!

  我那天看了剑舞者的训练,真令人赏心悦目!顺便说一下,你知道为什么这么叫他们么?好吧,只要派他们到敌人成堆的地方,让他们被 敌人包围,然后,攻击!那才是舞蹈,那才是表演!

  3. Confusing the enemy and disrupting their plans is a favourite tactic of the Elves. There are lots of ways to do so, but I'll tell you about just one. Did you see Treants? Right, so they can entangle enemies with their roots, and so tightly the enemy can't move at all. A lot of rushing attacks have choked crashing into these forest giants. But not a word to anybody! It's a military secret.

  迷惑敌人大乱他们的计划是精灵最喜欢的战术。有很多方法,但是我只告诉你一个。你知道树精么?对,它们能用根须缠住敌人,让他们 动弹不得。许多突袭都被这些森林巨人破坏。但是不要告诉别人!这是军事机密。

  4. You won't find many Elf towns which don't have a Mystical Pond. First, these ponds are pretty, and second, beauty goes hand in hand with practicality -- like it usually does when Elves are involved. Every week a Mystical Pond produces nice little presents for the townsfolk. What presents? You know, it's better you see for yourself rather than hear it from me.

  你找不出有多少精灵镇没有神秘池塘的。首先,这些池塘很漂亮。其次,不但漂亮,还很实用,通常在精灵受困的时候。每周,这个池塘 就会给镇上的居民些许礼物。什么礼物?你知道,亲眼所见比听我说好得多。

  5. I wouldn't wish anybody to become an Elf hero's enemy! All they'd have to do is go to one a towns that has an Avenger's Guild and put their offenders on the special list. Then they'd surely be punished in the very next clash! Vendetta is no joke, you know.

  我不希望任何人成为精灵英雄的敌人!他们只要到一个有宿敌行会的镇里,把不知死活的人放到特别名单里。他们在下次冲突中会被好好 修理一下的!仇杀不是开玩笑,你知道的。

  6. Sometimes the forthcoming battle isn't particularly dangerous to the army, but you just can't avoid it. The best strategy in those situations is to keep the army and the commander's reserve of magical energy intact. And this is exactly where Druid Elders can help: they can share their magical power with the commander. After the battle they can quickly restore it, and repeat this trick over and over again.

  有时候即将来临的战斗敌人的危险倒是其次,主要是看你能否避免。有些情况最好的策略是保存队伍和指挥官的魔法能量。德鲁依长老能 帮上忙,他们能和指挥官分享魔法能量。战斗之后他们能快速恢复,并且一次次重复这个窍门。

  7. The true heroes of the past war with the Demons were Unicorns. Demons often used a powerful magical fire that would scorch everything alive around them. Unicorns can withstand magic, plus they have a special aura which increases protection from magical strikes for everybody near them.

  过去与恶魔的战争中真正的英雄是独角兽。恶魔经常施放强力火焰魔法,欲图烧死他们周围所有的生命。独角兽能抵抗魔法,并且本身还 带有光环,能增加它周围所有人的魔法抗性。

  七、 学院部分

  1. Wizards have won many a great victory spilling very little blood. The secret of their tactic is in careful selection of warriors, to make sure the commander has a lot of magical energy. What warriors are those? Why, Archmages, of course! Who else can establish an energy canal enabling the commander to attack the enemy with powerful spells without worrying about their costs?

  术士已经赢得了不少没有流血的胜利。他们战术的秘密就是精挑细选他们的战士,来保证指挥官有足够多的魔法能量。那是些什么战士呢 ?那当然是大法师!还有谁可以可以建立能量通道让指挥官在施放强力魔法的时候而不但心消耗的能量?

  2. Take a look at that shorty in the corner, would you? It's a Master Gremlin! Hire it for your army and you'll never have to go without War Machine support. It can repair a machine smashed in combat single-handedly, right on the battlefield. Asks a lot of money? Well, you'll have all your machines repaired for free if you hire it. Beats buying new machines every time, doesn't it?

  看到角落的那个矮子了么?那是大精怪!在部队里雇用它的话你永远也不会有战争机器的问题了。它只用一只手就可以修好坏掉的机器, 就在战场上。你问会花很多钱?你有了它之后所有的修理费用全免。再也不用每次买新机器了不是么?

  3. Some fools think a Wizard's army is slow on the battlefield. Ridiculous! They never saw Rakshasas in action -- they can attack at double speed. I'd like to see those idiots meet a few Rakshasas on the battlefield! They wouldn't have time to open their mouths before the Rakshasas made mincemeat out of them!

  有些笨蛋认为术士的部队行动太慢。太可笑了!大概他们从来没有见过罗刹王行动,它们可以用两倍的速度攻击。我很希望那些白痴在这 场上碰到罗刹王!他们也许还来不及张开嘴罗刹王就能把他们剁成肉酱!

  4. Wizards' Libraries are treasure houses storing knowledge about magical subjects unavailable to others. Build a Library in town, spend some time among the dusty volumes seeking those grains of wisdom inside them, and you'll obtain knowledge unavailable to other people. Who knows, maybe it will save your life one day.

  术士的图书馆是个知识的宝库,装满了别人不知道的魔法。在城里建一个图书馆,花些时间在积满灰尘的卷轴里寻找智慧的粮食,你会拥 有别人没有的学识。谁知道呢,也许哪天你能用这个救自己一命。

  5. Only poor Wizards don't strengthen their armies with artifacts that can be manufactured in Arcane Forges! Sometimes one shouldn't try to save time or resources: in this particular case the Wizard can create troops far superior to the opposition's army.

  只有贫穷的术士才不会在神秘铸造厂里用宝物增强自己的部队。有时候人不能太在乎时间和金钱,这个时候术士能把自己的部队武装得远 强于对手。

  6. Gargoyles are the best troops to use against enemy shooters and magic-users. First, they can fly, and quite far too, second, they are extremely tough, and third, they are highly resistant to all sorts of magic. Of course, with abilities like that they would be most efficient behind enemy lines, where the doomed troops try to take cover!

  石像鬼是对付远程兵种的最好部队。首先,它们能飞而且飞得很远,其次它们极其坚韧,最后它们能抵抗所有的法术。当然,拥有那样的 能力最好安排它们抄后路,在那接管命中注定的敌人。

  7. One of the sights in the Silver Cities is a mound under which hordes of Demons are buried - the ones crushed by the Wizards' army. A headstone rises on the mound, with just four words engraved on it: "They underestimated the Titans." Very simple and very true.

  银色城邦里的一大景观是一个埋葬成群恶魔尸体的坟堆,它们是被术士的军队消灭的。坟堆前的墓石上只刻了几个字:它们低估了泰坦。 简单而正确。

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